Berkeley Office:

My office is at 3120 Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley. The cross street is Woolsey. It is two blocks south of Ashby Ave. where the Whole Foods is located, and right across the street from the Smokehouse (burger joint). Make sure you don't go to 3120 Telegraph in Oakland, or you will be in the wrong location!

The office is in a three-story green-shingled building on the northwest corner of Telegraph and Woolsey. Go into the courtyard and look for the door for suites 3 and 4 on the north side of the courtyard. When we set up a first session, I will give you additional office information that you will need to get into the suite.

There is two-hour free parking on Woolsey Street, which will often have some available parking spots.  If there aren't any spots open, there is parking farther down Woolsey Street (heading west) past Deakin Street.

San Rafael Office:

My other office is at 1206 3rd Street in San Rafael. The cross street is B Street. The office is in a large white building on the corner of 3rd and B Street, which houses the restaurant Atalaya on the first floor and business suites on the 2nd floor. It is a block down 3rd Street from Kaiser Permanente. You enter the office through the door located on 3rd Street. Once you go through the front door, you'll take the stairs to the second floor hallway of offices. Once there, you can make yourself comfortable on the seating at the end of the hall, and I will come and get you at our scheduled time.

Free parking is not very accessible at this office, unfortunately (unless your appointment is after 6pm). However, there is a garage that is on the same block as the office, making parking convenient. If your appointment is before 6pm, it’s best to park in the C Street parking garage. After 6pm, street meters are free. During the day, the parking garage costs less than meters and allows for a flexible return time.  The C Street parking garage entrance is located just past the office on C Street & 3rd Street on the right.

Please note that both offices require the ability to ascend stairs and there are, at present, no accommodations for clients with disabilities. I do offer Skype sessions for clients who are unable to leave their homes or climb stairs due to chronic illness or disability.

I very much look forward to getting to know you as your therapist, at whichever location is most convenient for you.


My full fee is $150 for a fifty minute session. Please provide, as a courtesy, twenty-four hours notice in the event you need to cancel and reschedule.

Unfortunately, I do not accept insurance. However, I can provide you with a Superbill which you can then submit to your insurance to see if they will cover your therapy sessions. I recommend calling your insurance and inquiring about potential coverage. If you are interested in that option and have more questions, we can discuss it more in an initial phone consultation.