Are You Struggling With Symptoms Of Chronic Lyme Disease?

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Are there times when you are unable to work, or even get out of bed? Are you forgetful, or feel as if you are walking around in a mental fog? Do you experience rotating joint pain and/or debilitating fatigue that affect your quality of life? Perhaps it's difficult for others to understand what you're experiencing because you often look well on the surface. Maybe you have taken a round of antibiotics for your acute Lyme disease, but find that your Lyme symptoms are in fact getting worse.

Do you feel yourself teetering on a fine line between accepting your illness, and striving to heal your body and get back the life you had? Have loved ones, colleagues, and medical providers—even psychotherapists or counselors—failed to understand that your ongoing symptoms of Lyme disease are real? Are you longing for a care provider who is Lyme-literate and can help you navigate the effects of Lyme as well as help those closest to you understand what it means to live with the disease?

If you feel that your pain and symptoms of Lyme disease have been misunderstood or even ignored by caregivers or friends and family, I can help. Would you like to find relief…?

You Are Not Alone In Your Struggle With Lyme Disease

I am here to tell you–-as a person in recovery from Lyme disease––that I understand the many layers of this illness. I can help you navigate it through all of its stages, support you in your journey, and help you process the grief as you come to terms with your new and evolving state of normalcy.

Lyme disease is more common than many realize, and the number of sufferers who report chronic effects is staggeringly high. It occurs at a greater frequency, with far more reported effects, than illnesses, such as West Nile Virus, whose research and treatment are better-funded.

For relevant data on the disease, log on to There is also an excellent and well-received documentary about Lyme and chronic Lyme disease recovery, called Under Our Skin, which will demonstrate that you are not suffering alone.

Many who are diagnosed tend to be "type A" personalities. Moreover, evidence suggests that trauma survivors are more likely to have chronic symptoms manifest. There is also evidence that the longer the disease inhabits the body without diagnosis and treatment, the greater the likelihood of chronic effects. Whatever group you fall into, you deserve psychological support and the fullest possible recovery.

Although I am trained to counsel survivors of chronic illness in general, because of my personal experience I have made it my mission to be a Lyme-literate therapist. I am here to serve chronic Lyme disease patients in the Bay area who feel isolated, misunderstood, and emotionally and physically drained as a result of this illness. I am also specially trained to counsel those closest to you as you navigate this difficult time.

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You deserve patience and empathy as you work through this, as well as tools to cope. Your family and friends deserve to feel empowered to help you and should have every reason to feel hopeful.

Lyme Disease Counseling Can Help You Heal

You may have done a search of Lyme disease without even realizing that there is mental health support out there. I am here to tell you that there is, and it is important for your health and well-being to process your emotions as you move forward physically even if, at times, you feel as though you are moving backwards.

Under my care, you will feel supported and respected as you take the next steps to reclaim your life and make peace with the limitations imposed by chronic Lyme disease. Even though life may require both subtle and big changes, with my Lyme-literate approach to counseling, you can come to terms with that, and embrace what's next on your path to recovery.

I encourage those with the tendency to push themselves and "power through," to listen to their bodies and know when to rest, as well as be emotionally gentle with themselves. Those who have a coexisting condition of past trauma, I treat holistically to address both trauma and Lyme symptoms.

I will provide a safe space to process all the elements and ramifications of the disease, ranging from physical pain to depression to fatigue to frustration with those who lack compassion, including medical providers. The immune system and nervous system benefit from having a well-trained therapist to talk through these issues with, thus aiding in your recovery.

I am also willing to provide referrals for more well-rounded and holistic resources to rebuild your health. I am here, and highly trained, to help you know when to let go, when to fight harder, address the losses, help you adjust, and support you as you work towards the fullest possible recovery.

You may be hesitant about seeking Lyme disease counseling or have questions

I feel like no one believes me when I tell them I'm still sick.

I have been living with this illness, and I do believe you. There is a growing body of providers who believe you too. Knowing this and working together to cope will minimize the feeling of isolation and provide you with a way forward.

Therapists and doctors don't seem to understand Lyme disease. Why should I even bother trying to explain what I'm going through? And my last tests came back negative so maybe it's all in my head.

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It is very easy to feel rage and frustration because providers aren't familiar with the disease and can be dismissive about what they don't understand. Medical tests often fail to detect what you know to exist, and Lyme sufferers often carry the disease for some time before the right provider knows to test for it.

Whatever your situation, I am committed to assisting those who are living with chronic Lyme disease. I am also connected with professionals who understand and will listen as you seek solutions to the physical expressions of the illness.

I understand that you too have chronic Lyme disease, and I appreciate that, but I don't want a therapist to assume they understand my process of recovery.

I assure you that although I have experienced this disease firsthand, I never assume that it expresses itself the same way in everyone. I understand that chronic Lyme patients are individuals and that symptoms and recovery are different for each person. With my help, you can learn to overcome the unique ways in which this disease manifests and affects you as an individual.

There Is Life After Chronic Lyme Disease

If you are struggling with Lyme disease, there is hope. You can have peace in the process of recovery. I am here to assist you in that process. Wherever you are on the recovery continuum, you can eventually get better and have a life you feel positive about.

To schedule a consultation or answer any questions you may have about Lyme disease counseling, contact me at 510-575-0780 or at I look forward to working with you as you begin to take steady steps forward.