~ You Can Become Whole, And Achieve Your Full Potential ~

Most of us struggle and have obstacles to overcome. However, when your old traumas, relationship challenges, chronic health issues and/or financial difficulties interfere with your vision of wellbeing, it is time to move forward by seeking assistance on your journey.

You searched, and found this site. Perhaps it's because something here resonated with you. It's possible you are feeling stuck and unable to take the next steps towards what you want in to your life and as a result feel lost and mired in shame. You may wonder if you are capable of a better life, a more rewarding relationship.

What if I told you there is more? That you deserve to thrive, not just survive? That you can move into making better life choices? That you can feel good about who you are, even find self-love? You can move with grace into the next chapter, change your story, and heal from the past.

I am here to support you, with compassion and my toolbox of therapeutic skills. I can help you find your inner resources to become who you've always imagined.


Does your relationship lack healthy communication, possibly due to deep hurts and resentments? Has your physical relationship diminished over time, especially as you've both faced stress, family and work responsibilities, resentment, fatigue, and/or past sexual trauma?

Are you forgetful, or feel as if you are walking around in a mental fog? Do you experience rotating joint pain and/or debilitating fatigue that affect your quality of life? Perhaps it's difficult for others to understand what you're experiencing because you often look well on the surface.


Have you experienced traumatic childhood events that affect the way you live now? These events could include living with an alcoholic parent, childhood physical or sexual abuse, childhood physical or emotional neglect, or witnessing your parents go through a messy divorce

Are you living paycheck to paycheck—frustrated by your inability to increase your income? Do you get to the end of the month and have no idea where your money went? Conversely, are you financially successful and meeting your money goals, but find yourself anxious and scared that you could lose it all?


I have worked for many years as a holistic psychotherapist in the Bay Area. I believe my clients have within them the potential to live full, meaningful lives, free of the trauma and pain of the past. I have training and experience in multiple therapy models, which I apply to best serve my clients depending on their unique issues. This is your time for positive growth and change, and I am here to assist you through that process with warmth, non-judgment and care.

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